With fall in full swing (we see you, PSL), it’s time to talk skin. Autumn brings cooler weather (sweater weather!) and a drop in humidity, which makes for dry, stale air and even drier skin. Mix this with dry heat from radiators, and it’s a setup for skin disasters like eczema and dry, itchy skin. To avoid the itch fest, here are the five top tips to thwart autumnal skin-related freak-outs.

Try a thicker moisturizer

Say goodbye to the lightweight, oil-free moisturizer you’ve been slathering on all summer. It’s time to bulk up with a heftier hydrator. A heavy cream made with ceramides, which are the essential and healthy fatty acids that occur naturally in the skin but need to be replenished during the colder months.

Add a body lotion to the mix

When summer humidity ends, the skin may start to feel dry and itchy, as there is much less moisture in the air to help hydrate. The easiest way to stop the itch? By loading up on hydration — from head to toe. Moisturizers both provide a protective barrier over the skin, allowing it to retain hydration and draw in hydration to the outer skin layer.

Cut back on exfoliating

As the weather gets colder, it’s best to cut back on robust ingredients, like retinoids and glycolics. Using glycolic treatment pads or a mask once a week to help remove discoloration brought on by the summer sun.

Take a pill

The start of fall should coincide with skin renewal and repair from the ravages of summer sun and heat. The skin antioxidants can literally be depleted by all of the summer environmental exposure. Take an internal liquid supplement, as it can help restore every inch of skin on your body.

Invest in a humidifier

Boost the hydration in your home by adding your own moisturizer to the mix with the help of a humidifier. Turn it on as soon as you put the heat on for best results.